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Probot Vinyl - 2018 Black Repress

Probot Vinyl - 2018 Black Repress

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Probot Vinyl. Repressed on black vinyl. 

Side A:
  1. Centuries of Sin (w/ Cronos of Venom)
  2. Red War (w/ Max Cavalera of Soulfly/Sepultura)
  3. Shake Your Blood (w/ Lemmy of Motorhead)
  4. Access Babylon (w/ Mike Dean of C.O.C)

Side B:

  1. Silent Sprint (w/ Kurt Brecht of D.R.I.)
  2. Ice Cold Man (w/ Lee Dorrian of Cathedral/Napalm Death and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden)
  3. The Emerald Law (w/ Wino of Saint Vitus/The Obsessed)

Side C:

  1. Big Sky (w/ Tom G. Warrior of Celtic Frost)
  2. Dictatorsaurus (w/ Snake of Voivod)
  3. My Tortured Soul (w/ Eric Wagner of Trouble)

Side D:

  1. Sweet Dreams (w/ King Diamond and Kim Thayil)
  2. I Am the Warlock (w/ Jack Black of Tenacious D) hidden track
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